Welcome to Nebula Solutions Ltd

Nebula Solutions Ltd – A company with diversified products which ease the limitations of the computer related solutions offered today by different applications such as accounting, private election, Quiz Programs etc.

Our Prime product is edropbox a concept developed by us which does accounting as backend and enables its users to send invoices and accept invoices which leaves a trail for accounting process to be completed. edropbox also enables its users to make payments to its users using the latest of the IMPS facilities through edropbox itself. The company utilises the latest technologies with methodologies which gives more power and prevents errors and fraud practices in accounting.

EC-POLL – A unique product wherein Private elections are held using our Patented and Proprietary technology and we take pride in being the first to implement private elections in Chennai, and are fully empowered to take up private and remote elections for company resolutions, clubs memberships, committee membership’s where in N number of candidates are selected. The EC-POLL product is touch screen based user friendly package which delivers results of the elections conducted within minutes of the event.