Board of Directors


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(Retired IAS Officer)


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(Retired ED of Indian Overseas Bank)


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Great emphasis on delivery of high quality products to our customers.Our development centers in India follows stringent quality testing procedures.We are committed to process adherence through process improvement plans. This includes allocating human resources and funds to create Software Engineering and Process Improvement Groups

To improve the quality process, metrics are continously gathered and analyzed against quality standards. The Quality Team and Project Team combine together to set the Quality baselines for each project. They work together to ensure that the stringent baselines are met. After the closure of the project, the actual variance is analyzed - and relevant modifications are carried over to subsequent projects

Nebula's resources and the skills we bring to the business are our greatest strengths. We have dedicated and committed professionals with a wide repertoire of skills and experience. Nebula assists its employees through educational stipends to maintain their certified status and to remain current in their respective areas of expertise. We provide initiatives for education, conduct technical training and provide professional training to ensure our staff are current with respect to emerging technologies and tools. Regularly conducted performance evaluations allow all personnel to identify their areas of strengths as well as areas for growth.

Developing our resources along dedicated business lines allows them to stay abreast of all changes within the industry. Nebula carefully evaluates the specifications and the scope of work statements to ensure that the skill set of our proposed project team fulfills each client's requirements and expectations. Our teams follow established management and development procedures.